Monday, October 10, 2011

2011-10-10: Almost missed Foliage Season

What a great weekend camping in our new trailer in Weare. The leaves were just starting to change. In fact the colors were further along down south than in our neck of the woods. In Gilford we hardly had a leaf on the ground.. Well, we were gone 4 days and came back to discover that we nearly missed foliage season in our yard. I'm going to have to get out early tomorrow and get some shots when the light is right. Figured I'd show you a shot of the front yard before I get out the leaf blower...

Regardless of the work ahead of me...I do love fall!
Oh, by the way...I had an interview at the Citizen this afternoon...I'm going to be freelancing for them! You may be seeing my name in print one of these days. Wish me luck!
And here's hoping my leaves blow over to the neighbors yard!
See ya!

p.s. Great to be back to the land of High-speed internet!

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