Sunday, October 9, 2011

2011-10-09: Ready, Aim..Shoot!

So I headed off this morning (early for camp life) in search of some perfect shots...Well, you're not going to see it today...But I tried. I was driving down thru Weare, and saw a flock of geese on a pond at the side of the road..I quickly pulled over and grabbed my gear. Just then a truck with a couple of hunters pulled over next to me. I deduced they were hunters from the bush clothes, orange vests, camoflage boat, and guns..(Sherlock Holmes, I am!). "Did you see those geese across the street?, they asked. "Sure did", I replied. "Well you better hurry and get your shots, because we're hungry and we may beat you to it", they added. With that , they peeled out, did a U-turn and raced back across the street and down a dirt road. So I grabbed by gear and ran across the road to the pond. I plunked myself down by the pond and tried to get some shots. By this time, they had paddled quite a ways away and wouldn't sit still and cooperate for me. So unfortunately, this was the best that I got.

I moved down the pond a bit and saw a perfect shot of the geese framed by a birch tree. But I had to stand in a marshy area. I had my small tripod, but it was too low for the shot, so I started to head back to my car to get my tall tripod, and something spooked the geese. Off they flew. I wasn't sure if it was my fault or was the hunters. But I figured that I had overstayed my welcome anyway, and headed back to camp.
And so, another one in the can, as they say..Post is now done and I can get ready for the PATS!
Have a good one. Keep your head low..And wear orange for protection!

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