Sunday, September 4, 2011

2011-09-04: Tim-ber!

Ahhh! It's 9pm and I just realized that I didn't post today. Well I was doing an all-nighter last night for work. Then working today. And was just posting my clickers assignment, when I realized that I nearly forgot my own blog.  Here's a shot I took today of the stump of a pine tree that fell next door to my in-laws. It was a couple hundred years old (not really sure, didn't have time to count rings). But Hurricane Irene got hold of this last Sunday and nearly took out the neighbor's house. Luckily though, it went over with only minor damage to phone lines and other trees. The neighbor was nearby on his porch when it went over. Close call.

Ok, task done...Now I'm going to read thru photoverse and check out what I've been missing the last couple of weeks while I've been busy doing weddings, and entertaining guests, and dodging trees. And I'm on no sleep so I probably won't get to far.
Till tomoro..zzzzzzzzz

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