Saturday, September 3, 2011

2011-09-03: Cleaning up

Yesterday, Sue and I pretty much just decompressed after having all of our houseguests leave. It's been a busy 2 weeks and we were bushed. But today, I was in major productive mode. Cleaned the garage so we could get the cars back in, mowed, raked, paid bills, got shingles at Lowes to patch a spot in the roof that I messed up last winter, and cleaned up a big list of to-do's that I made for myself. And in keeping with the cleaning up scheme...I'm cleaning up my folder of shots to post. Didn't get a chance to take any new shots today, so here's one from the 'To Post' folder that's been sitting patiently waiting it's turn...

This is a flower we had on our counter a couple of weeks ago. I do like taking cloesup shots.
And now I'm going to check out ebay. I've got my eye on a Tamron 90mm lens...Good for taking macro and portrait shots. Tomorrow, I've got to get going on my photo club assignments. Gotta get up early, I need a 'dawn' shot.
Nite gang

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