Wednesday, August 24, 2011

2011-08-24: It's a dog's life...

Hmm. What to do today? Yes, what indeed. A lot of running around and last minute errands to run. Clean the house for company...Visit with the from-out-of-towners...Not much time for taking pics and I almost just went with one from the stand by folder. But instead, I saw Taylor and Jeremy's dog Murphy, just perched over my shoulder on the couch trying to teach me how to relax. If I follow by example, I just might look like this:

Very hypnotizing looking into Murph's eyes. While I was trying to get a good picture, his eyes kept drooping shut. next thing you know, I started to doze off. But, I had to snap to and get this posted, and then get on with my list of chores...

Hey Murph - hold the couch down for me, will ya?

See ya

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