Thursday, August 18, 2011

2011-08-18: Need some Inspiration!

Hmm. Well I was all geared up to take some shots of my ol friend last night, but it never materialized. The gang of us  hung out at the restaurant till we were booted out and then it was too late/dark to get anything going. Oh well. Had a great time just the same! Nice people. So then I was figuring out what to post today, and realized that I hadn't taken shots of anything of interest in a whole week. Yikes! I've been too wrapped up with feeling sore with this dang pulled back to get in the mood I guess. Well I did try to get a shot of the moon last night over Winnisquam. But nearly got run over when I tried to walk in the dark to a decent spot. And it was kind of windy with the cars whizzing by. (NOTE to self...Need heavier tripod or a sand bag to hold it steady. Oh, and reflective clothes!) Anyway, I'll just post yet another flower shot. This one was on someone's desk at the office last week. (See-it's been a week)...

This would probably make a nice card. I think I'm going to do another art show in October so that's something else I need to start planning for.
I was thinking I might get out tonite and get some shots-no wait! Pats are on...Scratch that..
2 more days till Taylor comes home! 9 days till the wedding! Awesome!

Oh! Tomorrow is worldwide Photography Day.. It was Aug 19th 1839 that the French announced that they were giving photography to the world! After Louis Daguerre created his daguerrotype. Check out this link at PhotoJojo. Maybe I'll come up with something special for that...Got to put on my thinking cap.
See ya

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