Thursday, August 4, 2011

2011-08-04: Sailing....

No, I'm not sailing right now, but I saw this sailboat when we were out on our whale watch last weekend. (which produced some boring shots). It does remind me of when we did go sailing in the Caribbean 7 yrs ago with Jim and Sheri. I really want to go back and explore all the islands again. Which by the way is where I got the 'Island' moniker in my blog and website. If I had a real chance, I'd be living on an island in the tropics. Taking pictures, and running my bar...a guy can dream, can't he? Maybe someday...In the meantime, here's the sailboat I saw 20 miles off of Hampton Beach...Well, first a poster edged version I created in Photoshop...And then the original.

Gotta go back....


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