Wednesday, August 3, 2011

2011-08-03: Fire in the Sky

There I was, relaxing on the porch, reading a book at my in-laws cottage in Hampton Beach. Not even thinking about getting my camera out. When my better 1/2 says, "The sun's going down at the end of the street, if you want to get it". So I begrudgingly (yeah, right) got out of my easy chair, grabbed my camera, tripod, and shutter release, and ran down the end of Riverview Terrace. This was a shot over the marsh towards Seabrook.

It was like the sky was on fire. And no, the nuke plant wasn't having a meltdown. But it was breath-taking. I love the short. Thanks hon!

So what else is going on...Had camera club last night. Good meeting. I'm going to try and get us enrolled in Scott Kelby's worldwide photowalk, happening on Oct 1-2. We'll try and hike up Locke's Hill in Gilford and get some shots of the Lake. The club seemed excited about it. There are chances for prizes, and we'd only be up against 38,000 other photo walk groups around the world. Piece-o-cake!

And this weekend is the Pittsfield Balloon rally, so I'll def try and get there and get some shots.
Stay tuned!

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