Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2011-07-06: Nostalgia! Good Ol Days...

When we were camping this weekend, Sue and I were telling the kids about fires we had at our respective grandparents camps when we were young. Our grandparents used to have some cardboard canister with crystals you'd shake over the fire to make colors. That was a real treat when we were kids. Ah the simple life! Sure would be great to get that back. I miss those days.
Well, we went out for a ride for something to do when it was a bit rainy this weekend, and we went to a general store. What did I find? A packet of those fire crystals!! for $2 we had about 20 mins of simple entertainment back at the campsite. After Jordan read the warnings on the package about not breathing in the fumes, for fear of liver damage and cancer and all that fun stuff, we put the packet on the fire..(You can't shake it on any more because it could possibly burn your skin.) Good grief, it's a wonder I survived my childhood. We didn't have to worry about things like that back then (I still don't).
Anyway, here is what entertained us for a while:

Like "when we were kids"

Well we had a great time this weekend. And made some NEW "Good Ol' Days".

Peace out...

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