Thursday, June 9, 2011

2011-06-09: More Purple stuff

I actually knew what yesterday's flower was after having heard many times how I killed the FORSYTHIA bush after shovelling snow off the roof onto it all winter. Yeah it looks pretty cruddy, with bent and snapped branches going this way and that. Yes somehow it still continues to grow. That's determination.. Maybe next winter I should do it a favor and build a cover for it. Oh well.'s mystery plant is another purple thing...I was told that if it gets to the point of having a flower, it has gone to far. And it smells...Can you guess what it is?

Another Purple Thang

F/29; 1/6s; ISO-100
32mm 6:30am

Hope the garden gets some new plants soon...I'm getting to the end of the collection...I may have to start identifying weeds in the lawn...Or poisoned plants in the woods...Hmmm 2 great ideas! Wish I still had the kids around. I could send them on this mission...Bad daddy....

See ya!


  1. Cool shot dad! And I'll dig out my duck boots and overalls and go hiking for some poison ivy for you! ;-)

  2. Lol. I can always count on you Ash! XO