Saturday, June 4, 2011

2011-06-04: Make way for Goslings

What a great weekend.. Got out golfing yesterday for the first time all year. And got out again today with Jordan. Did not play that well but I don't care. I was afraid I would not be out playing this year, but decided to push the knee a bit and get out there. I'm a bit wobbly and have an ache but at least no pain. Ya-hoo!

Anyway, on the 8th hole, there was a family of geese sitting in the sand trap. Luckily I didn't hit my ball there!

Not a great pic, but all I had was my iPhone. The little geese were quite cute.

Let see, what else did I do today? Sue and I went to some yard sales and picked up some neat things for Taylor's wedding. I  got out the chainsaw and did some cleaning out in the woods...And now, I'm working...Billing time. It will give me something to do while I'm watching the Bruins! Go B's


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