Friday, May 20, 2011

2011-05-20: Seen around the yard...Hydrangea

I'm eating lunch now and figured I'd better get the post in before I forgot. It's Friday and who knows what kind of mischief I'll gt into tonite..Everything has been blooming like crazy this week around the yard. And we've had so much rain that all the blooms are already starting to fall off. So I decided that I'd better start shooting flowers before their gone.. Here's a pink Hydrangea in our side yard...This was a few days ago...Today it's mostly gone due to the rain...

Pink Hydrangea
On a dreary day...

Aperture: F/11; Exposure: 1/2s ; ISO-100

And here's the whole bush with a little techno thrown in. Accomplished by zooming the shutter out as I snapped. This is also a great effect for Christmas tree lights.

Aperture: F/29; Exposure: 4s; ISO-100

Ok, one more day of yard stuff and then I've got to find a new theme...
And tomorrow my daughter Ashley graduates from College. Yay Ashley! Love you! Great job! Yeah, I'm wicked proud of her...

Have a good rest of the day gang,


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