Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2011-05-03: Good meeting tonite

Had a really good Photography club meeting tonite. Went almost 3 hours, starting with a really nice program by Dave Cushing from Ritz camera, and then review of member photos. We have some really talented people in thus group. Proud to be a member!

Next months assignments are Waterfalls. Album covers, and May Flowers. Thank heavens something more interesting than mud!

Anyway, I had a crazy day at work, and then camera club, and now watching the Celts game which I recorded (don't tell me the score if you know), so no time for new shots for the blog. I'm sitting here watching the game with my faithful dog Bella. Here is a shot I took last month, but I don't think I posted.

Ain't she cute?
Hopefully I'll have time to take some shots tomorrow.

Go Celts!

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