Friday, March 25, 2011

2011-03-25: Proud Poppa

I'm sitting here at home today. My knee is just killing today and the connection to the office was too slow to work. So...sick day it is. Anyway, I'm on the couch catching up on paperwork...Did my taxes..oh yay, paying some bills, oh yay...and thinking about the wonderful family I have. YAY! And I was thinking about my daughter Ashley, who was accepted into the National Honor Society at Laconia Community College this past Thursday! She has greatly deserved this honor for all of her hard and excellent work in the Human Services program...Not exactly sure what she'll do next, continue on at school or find a related job. But she'll do great. She's a very caring person and the right woman for a job that helps others. Yup-I'm a proud Poppa. And I am of all my kids. They are all wonderful people.
Here's Ash up at the induction:

Ashley at LCC

Aperture: F/4.3 ; Exposure: 1/30s; ISO-200
Taken with Nikon Coolpix S3000

Used a small camera that I wasn't very familiar with. Most of my pics came out rather blurry, but I did get this one.
Ok, now back to continuing to hold the couch down...
Have a good Friday!

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