Sunday, March 20, 2011

2011-03-20: More Fog

Last of the fog shots. This is the Majestic Mount Lochmere rising up from the scrub in the valley below. Ok, it's just a pile of dirt rising up from the grass across from Lochmere CC.  But you wouldn't have guessed that, would you? I was across the street using my zoom. The fog looked really cool on this first morning of warmth after a brutal winter.

Mount Lochmere

Aperture: F/10; Exposure: 1/250s; ISO-100

Well, it was a good weekend. Got an iPhone today, so I'm feeling connected with the world. I can post to my website from the road. And Sue made a tablecloth today for my display for the Art fair. Things are progressing along nicely. Only 3 weeks away! And I'm getting some good suggestions for the "Through the eyes of" series, so I'll be working on those soon. Oh I also need to get going on my assignment for Photo Club. But I've got a week and a half for that.

Enjoy your Monday tomorrow folks. More snow coming tomorrow. Ug.

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  1. Ahh this is a great photo! Looks like a calender worthy photo!