Thursday, March 3, 2011

2011-03-03: Water Falls

I've got a busy night ahead of me. Just found out that there is a craft fair next month at Opeeche Inn. I've got to do some heavy duty planning tonite to see if I can get enough product together to sell. It's the first big fair of the spring and I want to be ready for it. You know, sell some art, make a zillion dollars, retire to the Carribbean...All that fun stuff.
So no time today to take any pictures, and I'm going to have to dig into my archives and pull out some fresh stuff you haven't seen. I've got a bunch of stuff from the Belknap Mill that I took on the photo walk with the Gilford Glickers last month.

Hidden Falls

Aperture: F/11; Exposure: 1/15s; ISO-100; Taken 2/13 at 2:50pm 

This was taken at the dam behind the mill. Crawled over a snowbank, and shot this thru a wrought-iron fence, and under a cement bridge. With a zoom lens. Got the water so it just looked nice and smooth and fresh. Very peaceful, I thought. There's a tiny hint of some red berries on the right to add a spec of color.

That's it for on to planning! To do the Show, or to Not do the Show...That is the question!


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