Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2011-03-01: BIG Bertha!

Ah! Spring! No it hasn't arrived yet. But what has arrived are my 3 dozen red Callaway golf balls! On sale for $10/dozen at Woo hoo! I'm ready! Now if we can just get the 4 feet of snow to melt off of Pheasant Ridge, I can use these. Never one to miss a photo opportunity, I took these beautiful, dimpled, spheres out in the snow this morning for a shoot.

Callaway Red - The best!

Aperture: F/6.3 ; Exposure: 1/200s ; ISO-100 ; Taken today at 8am

Big Bertha - Stacked!

Aperture: F/10 ; Exposure: 1/80s ; ISO-100 ; Taken today at 8am

Now if I can just get the Callaway company to hire me, and send me somewhere warm, all will be well with the world. It was 20 degrees this morning and the driveway was a frozen mess. But getting these in the mail gives me hope. Hope that soon it will be golf season again. Sigh...



  1. Very cool Dad! But since when has snow ever stopped you from golfing??

  2. Very true... This is the first year in the last 5 that I haven't played golf in the snow...been too busy taking pictures and blogging and web-siting. There is still plenty of time and snow left. Thanks for reminding me!