Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Project 365: 2-9-2011: Strike a Pose

Just a quickie today...I've got to scoot out of work soon and go to school. I'm taking a Web design course with Jordan. Something the both of us could do together, and hopefully it will give him an idea that school isn't so scary. He's not sure what he wants to do yet with himself, and I'm just trying to open his eyes to the possibilities. Anyway, we've only had one class so far, but he seemed to like it. I'm looking forward to learning something new (as always).

I was asked to be the official employee photographer at work (since I ALWAYS have my camera). We have an online directory so we know who each other is between offices. (That was my idea a few years ago). Yay me!

But I was messing around with the webcam on my monitor and captured me taking a picture of me..OOOOO - A vortex!

Mr. Geek

So here I am taken from the dell webcam on my 27" monitor...With my friends, the 3 Stooges and Gumby in the background. Oh yeah!!

See you tomorrow. Gotta run and go get smarter!

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