Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Textures - Bricks in Boston

One thing I have found as I have really gotten into this photography hobby, is that I like textures and lines. I am really starting to see beauty in things that I may have overlooked before.

I think it started a number of years ago (5 or 6?) when my daughter Taylor took a picture of a brick building in Boston. It had a fire escape, and icicles, and windows, and wonderful colors. It was beautiful. I love that picture and have a copy hanging in my office (and one at home). It is amazing what you can learn from your kids.

Another thing I have learned about is the North End in Boston. When my daughter Ashley and I were in Boston last month for a geneology conference, she took me to Boston's North End. To be honest, I thought I knew Boston. But before that day, I never had ventured more than one block into the North End. I figured once I found the first pizza restaurant that was good enough. Uh-uh. There was so much to see. Ashley knew her way around like a pro. What a beautiful part of town. And I never realized that the Old North Church(made famous by Paul Revere) was there.

So I think over the next few days, I am going to post some scenes from the North End.

Today's post is a walkway next to the Old North Church. Great textures and colors.

Old North Church Walkway

Picture was taken on 10/16 at 5:12pm. Speed: 1/64s; Aperture: F/4.6; ISO-400.

Thanks girls, for all you have taught me!

Dad (Em)

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  1. Ahh, well thank you for all you have taught me! I know what you mean though about all of the sudden seeing something you didn't see before. One of the painting classes I took we were being instructed to paint light. Sure sounds easy... where theres light use light colors..where there shadow use dark colors! Oh no, there's so much more to it! But Walking through the city I all of the sudden started seeing more light vs. dark and cool vs. warm and all these colors and reflections! So awesome!