Monday, November 15, 2010

The Perley Oak

Went for a nice leisurely Sunday Drive yesterday with my honey. No place to go, no place to be. It was wonderful. It reminded us of day trips with our parents when we were kids. These days, it is hard to find the time to just relax. There is always some chore to do, or thing to fix, or place to be. Sometimes we long for the simpler days of yester-year. We had a great day reminiscing to each other about our respective childhoods. She in NH, me in Mass. And it is funny how similar our memories were. What a great day!

As we got near home at the end of our ride, we stopped at the Perley Oak in Laconia, NH. Speaking of yester-years, this white oak is estimated to be 400 years old. Lately, there has been much debate about whether or not to cut the tree down. The city is afraid of some branch falling and hurting someone. You know-afraid of liability. There are warning signs, so I hope that will be enough to keep people away and enjoy it from a distance. It's a beautiful tree, that still has leaves, with much history. Let's hope it makes it to 500 years.

And so, the Shot of the Day...

The Perley Oak

Shot in B&W, Exposure: 1/50s; Aperture f/5.6; ISO-100. 11/14/2010 1:10pm

And here's hoping we make more time for leisurely drives.


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