Monday, October 7, 2013

Project 52 Week 39: Miles of Smiles

One of the things that I love about the Carolinas, and my new job, is the lack of driving I need to do for work...Sue and I were talking last week and wondered how much we are spending on gas now as opposed to back in NH. Back then I was doing 2000 miles a month for work. Now: 60. Back then that was about $360/month. Now: $10. I wasn't a big fan of driving long distances as I get very bored and fatigued. But part of it was driving to work, working all day and driving home...Now, I am driving to explore. And most often, Sue and I get to experience things together, which makes it all the better. So while I am putting an extra 5 or 600 miles a month on my car, it is for fun, not work. And it gives me an opportunity to meet and chat it up with lots of really friendly people.

Last week, we joined the Charlotte Photography Group on a trip to Huntersville, NC to Lyda Farms Farmers Market, and to Asheville to the NC Arboretum. It was a great weekend to get over to the Blue Ridge Mountain area. I was hoping that the leaves would have started to turn, but they hadn't yet. The weather has been a perfect 75 to 80 degrees lately. Love it! Here are some shots from the weekend.

From the Farm:
Wonder how this is with Peanut Butter...
Red Bell Peppers

Orange Bells


Pumpkin Patch

Crate O 'Pumps

Dinner Guest
 Some random shots from the Arboretum:


One of the main things we enjoyed at the arboretum, was a Bonsai exhibit. Neither one of us thought much about it before, but after seeing the displays, Sue and I decided we'd like to learn more. So much so, that on the way home, we stopped at Barnes and Noble and bought a book on growing your own. And now we have a new project to work on together...
Here's some shots from the exhibit...Very cool!


Hope you enjoyed the shots this week. And until someone does me a favor and invents a transporter machine, I'll keep taking one for the team and getting out and exploring for you. :-)
(Ok, I'm doing it for myself too. Who am I trying to kid?)

Next week I've got some Old Mill shots for you...I was out and about this past weekend.

OH!!!  In case you didn't know it, I am crazy for old buildings, barns, ruins, forts, etc.. And I saw a news program yesterday about a couple of photographers who travel around the state looking for old buildings. Their facebook page is "Abandoned, Old & Interesting Places in North Carolina".. Looks like I've got a whole lotta driving to do! Check them out on FB. There may be a similar page for your state too.

Till next week... BONZAI! (or bonsai...whatever...)



  1. just beautiful!!! looking forward to the next group of pictures as always.

  2. yayy! love hearing you talk about driving to explore and not driving for work! this is the good life! xo