Monday, August 5, 2013

P52 Week 31: A decent week if I do say so myself.

This week in photos:

Ok, it was a really busy week, and I didn’t have anything in my noggin for todays bloggin… So we’ll just recap it with some pictures and trivial ramblings.
Sue has been been busy decorating and dolling up our place. She needed to get some plants for the deck so we hit up the Walmart garden center on Saturday. Shopping. My favorite. But I make the most of it. I'm a joy to shop with... :-D

Sunday started out with a delicious breakfast on the deck. The sun was actually out and there were blueberries in the pancakes. Life is good, is it not?

It's Good to be the King!
Since I was disappointed by last weeks DMB concert evacuation, I consoled myself and bought a new Tedy Bruschi shirt in recognition of his Patriots Hall of Fame induction. My old one was torn and tattered and of the cheaper variety and I splurged and treated myself to an official one. It arrived Monday, and now I’m ready to represent at the Pats/panthers game in November. Go PATS! (Note: 4 days till preseason game 1!)

Ready for a new season... 
Thursday was our 15th anniversary and I surprised Sue with some Roses. It wasn’t even on my mind, but they did make for a good photo op. So I drove her crazy and took a heck of a lot of pics of roses. I love her to pieces, and I'm a lucky guy.

We ended up going to our new favorite restaurant Chuy’s where I over-did it again on Margaritas…Damn they’re good.
I do enjoy their unique ceiling décor.

As my son said about this...'Hubba Hubba'

This Saturday, Sue spotted one of the local residents of the trees outside our place. A cicada. So that’s what is making all that racket. Boy they’re ugly. Sorry - a lousy shot.

Also on the ugly list is the Pandora sphinx moth that was on my neighbor’s door.

Also on Saturday, I photographed my friends’ 3 year old daughter’s birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's. I haven’t been there since the Ashley Incident of 1987…..The story behind that is, when my daughter Ashley was 2, we went to Chuck E. Cheeses. At the time, they had a big indoor fort with little doors on either side of the place. Well Ashley went in. And never came out. I was panicking, thinking someone snatched her. I crawled in thru tubes and tunnels, and found her at the very center just sitting and singing and clapping.  Whew...

Chuck E.

I’m still traumatized by that place… :-) 
Anyway, I survived the birthday party and got lots of great shots of the party.

So a busy week. And also, a really good week at work. Just loving it here. Great company, great people.

The new week began yesterday with reading and lounging by the pool. Finally a day without rain...Heaven. 

Working on my Freckles

I'm predicting another good week. It's off to a good start. 
Hope you have one too.


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