Tuesday, July 16, 2013

P52 Week 28: Home and Back

This was a hectic and emotional week to say the least. I crammed a weeks worth of work into 4 days so that I could finish up my projects at the office and go home to NH. I headed home Thursday night. Paid extra so that I could get home early (by 10pm)...Of course there were delays and I ended up getting into Manchester at 11pm. Regardless I was anxious to get home and see my honey. When I got to Manchester, and got off the plane, I felt like I had just returned from Afghanistan. I hadn't seen my wife in 7 weeks, and I missed her badly. The welcome that I got from her at the airport made the difficulty of the past 7 weeks a distant memory.

Friday was a busy day of packing and loading the moving truck and visiting the kids and family. That was really tough. The realization that "Yup, this is it. Going to be away for who knows how long." The only saving grace is that we have their love and support as Sue and I embark on our adventure. We also met with the folks who are renting our house. A really nice family, and I'm happy they will be living there.

Sue and I got up early Saturday. I took some last pics of the yard, and we hit the road by 6:30am.

Front of House

Back yard

We drove about 15 hours Saturday. 4 hours of that was spent stuck in traffic. Either for construction, or accidents. We saw a major accident where a car was demolished, which made us feel bad for griping about being stuck.
In my rearview

We had a call from our tenants Saturday night, to tell us how they were doing, and to see how we were doing. Very thoughtful. Then the husband told me they were enjoying our hot tub. That's when it hit me that "Some stranger is in our hot tub ..We really are moving, aren't we?" Before that, I was just too busy to even think about it...Well, we had 14 years in that house, and it was time to move on...Ok, I'm over it... Now on to Charlotte!
We only had a 7 hour drive on Sunday....I was so excited to show Sue the city I've come to love...

Going to Town

We arrived about 2:30pm. I hired a couple of young guys to unload the truck for us. I'm not one to ask for help ( I don't know why)...and I normally would have done this myself, but this company put a flyer in my mailbox for moving and such. Well worth it! The kids did a great job. If you are in the Charlotte, Virginia, or Atlanta area, look up LocalMovers 
Wow. A whole new me! Asking for help..Who woulda thunk it? How else have I changed? Well, I actually went grocery shopping with Sue...And I enjoyed it! Well, I hadn't seen her in awhile, and I wanted to spend time with her.  So let's just say that I 'tolerated' grocery shopping. I'm sure that will pass...Don't worry about me.
Basket  O' Goodies
Anyway, we're here safe and sound, and the place is getting a woman's touch and starting to look like a home. I'm a happy man. Hope you will come visit! We'll leave the light on...


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