Monday, July 1, 2013

P52 Week 26: Keeping Busy

In case you're keeping track - I've got my numbers all messed up..No, you haven't missed week 25..I had two 24's in a row. A Math genius I'm not. So here's 26.
Gonna be another quick one. I'm taking a break in between some jobs I'm running for work, but I wanted to get something posted. It was a rough week at work. Bit of home sickness, and loneliness, and an over-abundance of work. But ended the week on a high note. Had breakfast on Friday at the 'Original Pancake House' with a new acquaintance I met while hiking Crowder's Mountain last month. Someone who admired my photography and blogs. We talked about our families, and business, etc, and I really enjoyed it. So a shout out to Dale! Thanks again.
Then I ended up the Friday night with bowling and beers with a couple buddies from work. I needed that. So thanks Dilip and Bibek!

The 'Dude' from the bowling alley...
Saturday I got up early and went to IKEA..I wanted a bookshelf, and they had the perfect one. I had wanted to wait til Sue got here, but I really wanted to get the apartment spruced up. So started the day doing my least favorite thing...Shopping...But Whoa! What a place! I really had to show restraint and just get what I went for. I called Sue and kiddingly said...'Don't kill me hon.'' "Oh NO! Are you ok? What did you hurt?" Hmm. I must be known for getting myself hurt or something..Nice that she was worried about me though. "No I'm fine, but I went to IKEA without you.." "That's ok, we'll go again when I move down", she replied. That's my girl!.

So then I went about putting the bookshelf together, and marveled at how smart Swedes are with their design of both the shelf AND the packaging. And I would have marveled at THIS Swede if I had read the instructions before I put the shelf together. Probably would have finished in 1/2 the time.

I finished up my day with a trip to the 'Sleepy Poets Antique Shop'. Just to check it out and look for some inspiration. Well I ended up buying something...Don't kill me hon...

My new Accordion

Just kiddin hon..Didn't buy an accordion...But it made for a fun shot.
I followed up the day by going to the movies to see World War Z. Good zombie action flick by the way.

Sunday was chore day. Catching up on things around the apartment, and taking care of business. I did get out later in the day, and went exploring on my bike. As I did in NH, I like exploring under bridges.

Didn't find any naked hoboes as I had in past bridge explorations, so that is a good thing.

I ended up the weekend by discovering we had a library around the corner from my apartment. It was closed, but I found a nice guy named Charlie planting flowers. He is the research librarian there, and we had a good conversation. I'll say it again...People are sooo friendly down here. Love it! Anyway, I had a bunch of subject matter to shoot.

Salvia 'Lipstick'

No Clue

Indian Summer Rudbeckia

Mexican Sunflower

Salvia 'Lipstick'

(Red-Hot Poker)

Don't be impressed by me knowing the names of these flowers...All but the red one had tags on them!

Alright, Back to work for me. Tomorrow, I'm going to a meeting at the Charlotte Photographers club. I'll tell you about it next week.
Till then, enjoy your week, and our holiday..God bless America!


  1. Great Photos Pop! Glad you're meeting people and scoping out the antique stores for when I visit!! Though, you should have bought the accordion!

  2. Thank you Ashley! My #1 fan! I'm sure the accordion is still there. But what I'd really like to find is an organ grinder and a monkey...I'll keep my eyes peeled!

  3. we can not wait to come down for a visit!!! sounds like an interesting fun place enjoy and thanks for letting us enjoy
    love your favorite SIL

  4. Thanks Terry! Anytime! In another week or so, I'll have a guest room all ready! Would love to have you guys here.