Saturday, December 17, 2011

2011-12-17: Just what I needed

We had out office Christmas party yesterday. Chinese food and Yankee swap...I gave away one of my calendars, which went over pretty well. Not as good as all the booze that people got, but it did ok. And me? I got a 16oz Snicker bar. Just what this pudgy guy needs. A 16 oz candy bar. Anyway, I'll take it home and share it with whoever. Maybe it will go in someone's stocking. Anyway, here it is all Christmas-like with some bokeh from the string of lights I draped around my desk.

And how do we creat bokeh, class? Open your aperature up as wide as it can go(mine is on 1.8). Focus on something in the front. Have some lights in the back that will be blurred out.
Here's some bokeh from my tree a couple of nights ago. Focus is on the little snowman, and tree lights are blurred out.

There are many places online that explain how to do cool things with bokeh. Such as Give it a shot!
Ok, gotta go. I've got a hockey game to shoot today, and then a family Christmas party. Sure glad I didn't fill up on that snickers bar. (Would have been a different story if it were a 16 oz 3 Musketeers. (or Kit Kat) (or Reese's Cup). Anyway, I digress.
Have an awesome weekend!

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