Thursday, December 1, 2011

2011-12-01: Today was a blur

December 1st! Last 31 days of project 365. Glad I didn't wait till next year when there will be 366 days. Don't think I could have taken that. :-)
So today I had to work, go to Manchester to a meeting. Come home. Work. Then go out on a couple of assignments. The first was 5pm at the Community Center in Laconia where the Christmas Village started today. If you've never been to that, you have to go, or take your kids. My father in-law Ernie Bolduc, his brother Armand, and a slew of other volunteers have been putting this on for 30+ year. They take a month to set up the center and turn it into a winter wonderland. Then kids come in for 4 days and see Santa, do arts and crafts, eat cookies, and get a gift. All from donated items and time. It is a wonderful event for the area children.

 The Village

Twinkle (Armand), Mayor Mike Seymour, and Tinsel (Ernie)

 Santa's Coat
Santa's Sleigh and Reindeer

After I took shots of that, I had to hustle over to the Belknap Mill for a town meeting for Presidential candidate Ron Paul. Yeah, me. Mr. anti-politics. Just doing my job. But I must say that I was impressed with him and liked what he had to say. Anyway, here is a shot from that.

Haven't had time to eat all day, so that's what I'm going to do 10pm.
See you tomorrow! 2 days till the fair!

I'm Emery Swanson, and I approve this message.

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