Tuesday, November 29, 2011

2011-11-29: The one that got away.. A fish story

Oh man... Yesterday morning I went out to get the newspaper out of the paper slot, and saw the most beautiful sunrise! Gorgeous pinks and reds. I quickly turned on my heals and ran inside to get my camera, tripod and shutter release. I was back in about 10 seconds and *wuh*wuh*wuhhhhhhhh* (sad trombone sound), the sky was a dismal dirty grey. Where'd it go???? This was a prize-winning sunrise and I just wanted to capture it and share it with you all. But. Pfttt*....gone. This should be a lesson to me. Sometimes you just gotta stop and enjoy things while they're in front of your face. Forget the camera and just take it in... So that's my fish story..The one that got away...
But anyway, can't leave you without any pics. So here's one from the Parade on Saturday. It is Kathy Salanitro, who together with her husband Ron, raise Oxen in Gilford. She was also voted Ms. NH Senior this year. One of my shots, similar shot to this, made the front page of the Citizen today.

So, what else is happening? I created a Fan page on Facebook for Emerys Island, so get out and 'Like' that for me. You know you want to! And 4 days till the GHS art fair.
Have a great day!

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