Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2011-10-25: A man of many Hats

So, yesterday Sue asked me of there was anything she could do for me (which she asks every day). She's been trying to fight a cold and I didn't want her out raking leaves, so I suggested she stay in and clean out the front hall hutch. "How much trouble can she get in by doing that", I thought. Well I got home and discovered that I had a couple of baseball hats in the hutch. Well, 28 to be precise, which she hung of on the coat rack. Yikes! Makes me take back every comment I've ever made about her shoe collection, or bag collection. (Well I don't take them back, but you get my point). 28  hats!

And this doesn't count the other few scattered around the house. Well, I after a chuckle, and a comment about what a woman I am...(sorry ladies), I decided that it was time to clean out the really ratty ones. I threw away 4.. So now I was down to a respectable 24. I put the 2 or 3 best ones back on the rack. then the remainder back neatly in the hutch. Ready for whatever occasion arises.

You know, I am a man of many hats. I can do most any handy thing around the house, and I have a lot of interests. I try to be the best husband and father (although I have an unbelievable family, so this is not a hard job)  If I don't know how to do something, I research and figure it out. I've often wondered why I couldn't be an expert in something or the best at something. But I have more fun just knowing a little about a lot. I just work hard at doing the best I can do at what's in front of me.
And now, off to work to do my best.  What hat should I wear today?
Hats off to you!

p.s. (that pink thing in the middle is my dog's coat in case you were wondering) ;-)

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