Saturday, October 22, 2011

2011-10-22: Great show!

Had a awesome time in Boston last night with Jordan. Took him to see Smashing Pumpkins at the Orpheum for his birthday. What a kick ass show. And it pays to know people. Saw my good ol friend Cathy B. working there and she got us seats down about 10 rows from the stage. Much better view than where my balcony tickets provided. My ears where ringing we were so close to the speaker bank. Love it. The band was great even though they only played 3 songs that I knew.

This shot was taken with my iPhone. The ones inside did not come out very good. They had quite a light show that messed up my shots. Got home at 2 am.
Did some yardwork today followed by a photo assignment at the Franklin HS football game. (they won 28-0) against Newfound. And I am bushed. Hitting they hay gang. Enjoy your weekend!
p.s. Eh, I found this one on my phone. Not great, but you get an idea how close we were.

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