Thursday, October 20, 2011

2011-10-20: Immerse Yourself!

A photography friend was commenting to me that she needs a kick in the butt, while I seem to fly right thru with my photography activities. I'll admit, things seem to really be happening for me, but I wouldn't say I'm flying right thru. The last couple of years since the kids have all grown and moved out, I just have had more time. I started to see things that I overlooked before and have had a chance to appreciate what is before my eyes. This has also opened up a creative side of me so I am able to see things in my head and present it on digital format. I found this new found passion after years of admiring my daughters' art. Finally trying it out myself, and hearing many times over from my wife, "You know, you've got a really good eye". Hearing that enough times gave me the confidence to believe it myself. After that, I just became totally immersed in everything to do with photography. Taking an adult ed class, joining the local photography club, reading countless blogs, subscribing to countless more websites, and listening to podcasts. I'm afraid to count how many books I have on photography. Whether it is tips, or just picture books. I like to experiment and try different techniques.

I've commented to my daughter Taylor before that I wish I'd gotten into photography when I was a kid and then made a career of that. She said that then it wouldn't be fun and it would just be a job. She's probably right about that. I have no big game plan for now. It's just learn all I can and get better and better. I love to take pictures and share with anyone, the beauty I am seeing. If I can make a few bucks in the process, or turn my career that way, so be it. As I mentioned a few months ago when I did my second art show, I saw so much joy from some people who looked at my pictures, and heard them reminisce. That just made it all worthwhile. Then last week, I had a picture in the Citizen of Colton Workman on a unicycle. It was just something I noticed at the GHS field, and I thought it was really cool. I took this 4th graders picture, and it made the paper. His mom said it made his day and he took the paper to show and tell at school. I can't begin to tell you how really great that made me feel, knowing that my little action made someone else's day.
And back to my photography friend. She says she was hoping she could get some courage watching me. I must admit, that I went to a Landmark Education conference last year after much prodding from my friend John. And I think it actually helped me to shed some of the chains and fears that may have held me back before. When I try something new now, I usually start out with "What's the worst that can happen?" Then "What's the best that could happen?" The best is usually much better and then I'm not worried about it. Like last week at my first freelance gig. I was totally nervous about it. "What if I don't get the shot?" Then thought "So what! If you don't get it, you don't get it. No big deal. But if I do get it and it's published....Way cool!" The best that could happened completely erased any nervousness. And I had a blast.
I'm not sure where this is all going, but to my friend, the bottom line is to just have fun. And don't worry about things. You have a good eye too. So don't be afraid to share what you are seeing. Life is too beautiful a thing to keep to yourself.

Over and out...

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