Saturday, October 15, 2011

2011-10-15: Mixin it up a bit...Clean up Day

Today's the second weekend in the new trailer, but the campground closes for the season tomorrow. So we already have to clean up the site and close up the camper. Not too much to do. Do some leaf blowing, clean the roof of the camper, and help a neighbor dismantle his screen house. After that, Sue and I will probably do some more exploring and see what is out in this neck of the woods. Since  it's clean-up day, I thought I'd clean up the pics on my iphone and post a picture I've been meaning to show. It is a Ford Motometer that we saw down at Perkins' Cove last month. Don't know if it was a repro or a clean-ed up original, or even what year it was, but it was a beauty.

Hopefully when we're out and about today, I'll get some good New England Foliage shots. Ok, coffee is Perk-in so need to go get my wake-up juice.
Stay Cool
p.s. By the way, another one of my shots made the Citizen again yesterday. 4th publish this week! Check it out here.

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