Thursday, October 13, 2011

2011-10-13: A Dark Place

I'm in a dark place today. My daughter who was married in August had her house in Texas broken into yesterday. Everything of monetary and sentimental value gone. It happened during the day while she and her husband were at work. Two hard working kids who work for everything they have have been violated. At least they are safe.
F'n people.

And while I'm in a really bad mood, let me pose a scenario.
A person is hired to do a job after answering an ad in the paper.
Lets say it is their first job, and they are inexperienced, which is true in this case.
They are offered a certain amount of money, which they believe to be a fair amount given their lack of experience. They believe this is a good opportunity to gain some experience and to get their name established.
Now after they start to do the job, someone else sends an anonymous email saying they left that organization because they were getting paid much more, and the company was going to lower the rates.
This anonymous person, calls the first person a whore to himself and the profession for accepting the lower rate.
Is the new hire really a whore? It is not like they knowingly crossed a picket line and put someone out of a job. Companies are cutting back all over and it is surprising that the company is still in business to begin with. You know, I really would like to have this discussion further, as the first person is me. But I cannot have this discussion because as I said, the email was anonymous from "A.Friend"..
As I said, I'm in a dark place, and pissed that I was even wasting my time worried about this.
So "A. Friend", I'm sorry you're out of a job. That was not my intent. Everyone is hurting.

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  1. It seems to me that "A.Friend" CHOSE to leave their job. To them: Times are tough. Get over it. Move on. Besides, sending anonymous jerky emails is a thing of junior high. Grow up and worry about yourself. Dad: You keep on doing what you're doing, you're starting from scratch, and that is totally honorable and respectable, and I could not be more proud of you for it. I love you Dad!