Thursday, October 6, 2011

2011-10-06: Fall's Coming!

Well I'm anxiously awaiting the leaves to start changing...It's been a little slow around here. Not that I'm looking forward to what comes after (raking, then snowing, then shovelling). Ug. But last year we had a very poor foliage season so I didn't get many shots. Here's hoping this year is prettier. It was 39 this morning, and I had been up all night working, but I needed a break and went outside in search of some color. Nearly froze. I wasn't dressed for the occasion. But I quickly snapped a couple of shots, and here is a sample.

It won't make Outdoor Photographer, but it gives me something to work on.
Speaking of that Mag, I just got a subscription (digital) for $10. Love it! And here is a great article and shots on shooting fall colors by Stan Trzoniec... Enjoy!


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