Sunday, October 2, 2011

2011-10-02: Cleaning the Shop

Another rainy day in Gilford. So it was a perfect day to start to tackle my workshop. Someday we'd like to sell this house and hit the road. The market is not good now, so that is out of the question. We did buy a trailer last week which we plan on spending next summer at, so now is the time to start clearing out the house. That way, we'll have more time for fun next summer, and will be ready for when the market comes back. But gosh, my workshop is the worst place in the house. There is always time to do a project, but never time to put the tools away. And the shop has become a catchall for everything I don't want to throw out. It's going to take months to clean this room up, but with encouragement from Sue, I was able to get one wall cleaned up today.



Got rid of the old shelves and everything on them. yay Me! I know Taylor will be proud of me too. I know it was the smallest wall in the shop, but its a start. Ok, I'm on a roll now. Back down to the dungeon for awhile before the Pats game starts.
See you tomorrow

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