Friday, September 30, 2011

2011-09-30: Last Day of September-Cleanout day

Ok, bare with me, I've had a very busy week so I've decided to be lazy with my post. No I haven't even gotten my camera out today. I've been crazy busy this week between work and getting a trailer...(YES! We bought a 31' Forest River Wildwood trailer and will have a seasonal at Coldsprings Campground in Weare) Woo hoo! So I've been stressing about that, and gearing up for the photowalk that may not happen because of the 70% chance of rain tomorrow. Anyway, I'm going to just clean out my harddrive and post a bunch of pics from the race last Sunday.

Jeff Gordon

Ok, I promise, that's enough about Nascar.

Even though I haven't had my camera out today, I do listen to my podcasts (Going Pro, and Photofocus). Any good camera buff should check these out. I listen on my iPhone, but they must have them online. Very good photography info.

Ok, Back to work. Hopefully we'll get out and get some new shots tomorrow. Stay Dry!


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  1. It will NOT rain will NOT rain tomorrow... it will NOT rain tomorrow....