Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2011-09-28: These are a few of my favorite things...

Wasn't that a line from a song? Sounds familiar. Anyway, here's a shot from Sunday of the Cheerios car and the Lowes car. One of my favorite cereals and one of my favorite stores.

Just wanted to post some more shots from the race. This shot was when the cars were all lined up in the pits before the race for your viewing pleasure. The Cheerios Car (#33) was driven by Clint Bowyer. He was leading for 49 laps till he ran out of gas on the last lap. He ended up in  26th place. Ouch!  The Lowes (#48) car was driven by Jimmie Johnson. He ended up in 18th place.

Hey! Had a great day yesterday for a team building exercise down at Sig Sauer academy in Epping NH. Had never shot a handgun before, but spent a few hours shooting a 9mm P250.  I could totally get into that hobby. Great instructors down there. Hmm. A gun-totin' photographer? Gotta choose where I direct my cash...I'll stick with photography for now.

Be good!

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