Saturday, September 24, 2011

2011-09-24: Saltmarsh Pond

As I mentioned yesterday, I was up and out at 6:15 and headed up to Saltmarsh Pond in Gilford because it was a beautifully foggy morning. I was hoping to get some really good shots of the rowboats and canoes all piled up and ready for winter. But I wasn't too pleased with those shots. There weren't any real colorful ones, and I thought they looked kind of bland. I'll need to look at them again. Anyway, I did like this shot of the other shore thru the fog.

Question for you...I was looking at this and since I was shooting under a branch, there was a leave at the top right. I kept debating whether or not to crop it out. Eventually deciding to leave it in for some contrast to the fog. Does it hurt the image the way it is? I'd appreciate any advice.

Take care! Hope you're having a wonderful Saturday.

p.s. Summer is over and I need to start thinking about doing some fall fairs. I just registered for the Gilford HS craft fair on Dec. 3rd. Playtime is over. I need to start selling my inventory to make room for new shots. And away we go!


  1. I think if the little leaf were a little bigger, or pictured with the branch, it might look good keeping it, but otherwise I might crop it out. (This is where Jana's suggestion of the two "L" shaped angles comes in handy for scene placement.) I think the picture will still be gorgeous regardless. Did you use any other editing or is the fog/lake just natural?

  2. i cant decide about the leaf......hmmm....

    i do know that i always love your fog photos!