Thursday, September 22, 2011

2011-09-22: The Keebler Elf

Out on my walkabout in Weare the other day, I came across two trees in a most interesting position. Hmm. And upon closer inspection, I found the Keelber Elf peeking out of his abode. All right, you got me...That's me. I had my 90mm, tripod and 10 second delay on. I had to keep trying to focus, run down a hill run up a hill, and get in postion behind the tree. Took awhile. I was huffin and puffin. Eventually I got a stick with my hat on it and stuck it in the ground behind the tree to use as a focal point. And finally got the desired shot.

The Elf in the Tree

And what did I learn from all this? Well I learned how saplings are made, and I learned that I really need to get more exercise!

Oh! I won tickets to the Nascar Race in Loudon this Sunday. I've never been before so it should be interesting..Sprint offerered them up to our company and I won them in a drawing. Sweet! Wonder if I can bring my camera....Hope so..
See ya!

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