Sunday, September 18, 2011

2011-09-18: Now that's camping!

Back from a great weekend with Sue camping at Cold Springs Campground in Weare, NH. Where? No, Weare...Come on, we went thru this the other day.. Anyway, it was a nice organized, clean campground and we'll definitely go there again. Only about an hour from home so that was bearable. And here is my next scavenger hunt item. A self portrait..


How to prepare this shot.
Tripod and camera? Check
Self-timer on 10 s? check
Lounge chair? Check
Coors? Check
Doritos? Check.
Camper? Check
TV with BMW championship on? Check

Now that's camping! We may get one more week in before the snow flies. We'll try to get up north in a few weeks to Danforth Bay in Freedom, NH. There is an RV show there on Oct 14th, so we'll try to hit that one, and also catch some foliage.
And now, we're back home. I'm going thru my shots from the weekend, watching the BMW, and waiting for the Pats to play at 4:15..What a great weekend!
Til, tomorrow....Go Pats!

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