Thursday, September 15, 2011

2011-09-15: Grow Up? Not Me!

I'm sure I am a total frustration to my family. I know my kids are totally embarrassed by the antics of their ol man. They've even had to travel around with bags on their heads. And my wife? God bless her, she's got the patience of a saint. How they put up with me, I'll never know. My latest accomplishment? Well I purchased a new item. I've been waiting for years to get this. It finally went on sale at Amazon for 57% off. And I recently got a $25 Amazon gift card for answering a survey. So for a Net $15....I got.....drum roll please.....

The Complete Munster's series on DVD. 35 hours of the series plus the 2 full length films, plus extras! Life is good! So I will need to send Sue away for a weekend, and have my buddies (ok kids, you can come too if you're not too embarrassed) over for a beer and Munster weekend marathon...Yeah, what a nerd.  But I like to have a good time!
By the way, I posted this because I took the picture in my lightbox. I dusted that off tonite and set it back up. I've got quite a few shots that I need to do and needed to get it organized.

Ok, post late but done on time.. See you tomorrow. Friday! AMEN!

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  1. Your kids are totally NOT embarassed by your fact...we cherish them. I'm game for a Munster's-a-thon! <3