Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2011-09-07: Need Some Shade?

Crazy busy today....Meetings, reports to do, places to be, so just a quick blurb.
I was driving home from work yesterday and looked over at the sand bar near Mosquito Bridge in Winnisquam... Saw these jokers out with a shade tent in the water. Of course, I had to pull over and get out the camera. I don't know-it just made me laugh. So thought I'd share...

On another note, my term as President of the Gilford Clickers ended yesterday. I really didn't want to run again as I've got a busy year ahead of me. Also thought it would be a good idea to get some fresh blood in there. But I accepted the VP role, so I'll just be used for State functions and funerals for foreign dignataries  and such. I'll still be an active member though and I have complete confidence in our new President, Carolyn Ellingson. I know she'll do great!

Ok, gotta head to another meeting...
See ya

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