Thursday, September 1, 2011

2011-09-01: Fly Like an Eagle

Sue and I took a Seaplane Tour yesterday with our Michigan relatives (Terry, Ron, and Dian). We left Paugus bay at 6:15 and took about a 40 minute ride around Lake Winnepesaukee. It was a blast! Got a bunch of pics but it was tough with the plane moving, and also because I was too busy looking at sights to take many pics. But here is one:

It was a gorgeous evening and our pilot, Dave French and is wife Colleen could not have been nicer. He is an awesome pilot and tour guide.
Here's a shot of his plane.

And the Crew:

And Dave leaving for the night.

I highly recommend Lakes Region Seaplane Services. They fly out of Laconia on Union ave next to the Corvette place. It was a totally Awesome evening,

See ya!

By the way, this begins month 9 of Project 365! Almost done!

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