Monday, September 26, 2011

2001-09-26: Sprint Cup!

Sue and I survived our first Nascar race yesterday. It wasn't he most fun I've ever had, but I'm glad to say I went. Armed with seat cushions, cooler, rented scanner and earphones, binoculars, camera, and margaritas (Yes they sell those there!), Sue and I climbed Mount Everest to get on the 49th row (out of 51) of the grandstands. We were near the end of Pit row towards turn 1 and they were great seats. There weren't many lead changes, nor any crashes, so it wasn't too exciting a race. But I did get lots of pics, and I really enjoyed watching the pit crews in action. It seemed like there were 20 guys or so working on a car when it came in. And they worked with precision. Neat to watch. Here is Jamie McMurray's car in for a pit.

He didn't fare so well. Finished 23rd. But the crew looked like they did their part.
Tony Stewart finished 1st after the leader (Clint Bowyer-who led for 49 laps) ran out of gas on the last lap. OUCH! The crowd didn't seem to happy with those results.
Anyway, good day. Fun to watch...But I can't imagine I'll be back there too soon. (Sue is happy about that).
Have a good one

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