Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2011-07-19: Back home from St. Albans...

Had a beautiful weekend up in St. A's, Maine with mom and friends.  I sound like a broken record with my family when I complain about the 4 hour drive, but truly, once I get there it's awesome. Peace and quiet and fresh air and relaxation. Read a lot by the water, swam, kayacked, played golf and cards, watched fireworks over the lake from a pontoon boat, and met some really great people. I did get up a early a couple of morning's and traipsed thru the woods with my Canon which you will see the results of in the coming days.
But here is a fine example of the peace of being up here:

Peace and Quiet

This shot was taken at 7:30pm on Indian Head Lake. A slight ripple on the water, and kayacker alone with their thoughts. Peaceful to watch.

And now, back to the real world. :-( 
But with great new memories to keep me smiling. :-)

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