Monday, July 11, 2011

2011-07-11: Fun and Games

Had a wonderful weekend with the family. Fun, games, food, beverages, laughter, hot-tub belly flops...You can figure out the order of events here. Anyway, one of the less extreme games was the ring and hook game. Basically it is a ring on a fishing line that you swing and try to get on a hook attached to a tree. It's just hanging in the yard, and everyone has a frustrating and fun time trying to get it to work. A simple, yet fun game.

The Ring!


It's not so easy, holding the ring and trying to manually focus at the same time. Almost as hard as getting the ring on the hook. But success comes with diligence.
Anyway, perfect weekend, but back to work today. Life isn't all fun and games you know. But I make the most of trying to make work fun.

See ya

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