Saturday, June 11, 2011

2011-06-11: C'mon - You gotta know what this one is!

Yesterday's tree flower was a White Flowering Crabapple tree...Yeah, that was taken a couple of weeks ago. They are all laying on the ground now, but looked good back when they blossomed. Looks awful on the mulch so I'll have to get out the leaf blower.
Help me please...I think today's pic is one of 2 things... So help me out, what is this?  I have 2 shrubs of this in the yard.

Another Mystery Pink Thing

F/36; 4s; ISO-100 6:10am

Wasn't too pleased with how the leaves in the background came out, as the sun was a bit bright on this morning, but the flower itself looks good. Too early for the bees to be out so they weren't bothering me.

Well that's it for my flower collection...Will have to put my thinking cap on for tomorrow.
1 more week till Philly!

Have an awesome weekend.


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