Saturday, May 28, 2011

2011-05-28: Things I hate...Day 7

Here it is...What you've all been waiting for....The biggest pain in the neck of all...The NH state bird. The Anopheles quadrimaculatus.. Otherwise know as the mosquito...(Go ahead..Look it up!) Yes it's that time once again when the weather is nice enough to be out, but who wants to get bit? Does anyone know of a warm climate without annoying bugs?
Anyway, I took one for the team here. Sat out in the backyard with my closeup lens on and sat there and watched the bugger drain me..

The Damned Mosquito*

So there you go...The most miserable thing of the week... Tomorrow, back to nice stuff. I am away for the weekend at the beach, but can't miss a day now. I've been so good.
Have an awesome weekend.

* Yes, a whole bunch of mosquitos were injured or killed during the filming of this episode.

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