Monday, May 23, 2011

2011-05-23: Things I Hate: Day 2

While this particular hated thing isn't happening now, it is still on the list....SNOW! Man we got enough of it this past winter, didn't we? Just makes me want to get out of here more and more....Even the past 2 weeks of rain is not as bad as snow... (but it may make the list by the end of the week)...I need warm sunshine!
Snow can ruin any day...It can even spoil a good golf game, doncha think?

Keep your Eye on the Ball

This was from a couple of years ago in January, but it still is fresh in my mind...Ok, it was actually fun..Jordan and I got out on the course in January...But I still hate snow. To Quote Jimmy Buffett: I Gotta Go Where It's Warm!
More horrible things to come...

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