Saturday, April 30, 2011

2011-04-30: Another Month down.

Project 365...4 months down, 8 months to go... :-p
So I finally got out of the house today. Took my car to get a state inspection...VIP failed it due to the rear brakes...THAT THEY PUT IN 1 MONTH AGO....they weren't wearing correctly. They had egg on their faces, when I told them they did the brake job. Well, they fixed them and hopefully that will be the end of it.
Watched a great Bruins game today..They beat the Flyers 7-3 in game 1. What a game! Also got a chance to sit out on the deck and read and get some sun. YES, I SAID SUN!
Celtics have game 1 tomorrow Vs Lebron and Miami..Looking forward to that game.
And tomorrow I have to find a decent mud shot for Tueday night's club assignment. I haven't been happy with anything I have so far. Here's the best I have...

This happened while walking around the yard picking up sticks. I jumped over the creek and did not quite make it. I lost my sneaker, took my sock off, and ran to get my camera (of course).

If I don't get a better shot, this may have to do...Wish me luck


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