Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2011-03-23: A Touch of Spring in the Air

Ah yes...The robins were out the other day, and then *WHAMMO* - More snow. Ug. We only got about 4 inches, but enough is enough...Well, sorry paper delivery guy and mail delivery lady - I'm done shovelling...My knee is a banged up mess and I'm gonna wait until the snow melts and cleans up on it's own.
So, yes, I've had enough, but I'm going to try and remain positive, and look at the blue sky through the trees as shown here:

Spring is in the Air!

Aperture: F/11 ; Exposure: 1/256; ISO-100; With Zoom

Of course, behind me are the most ominous looking storm clouds...But I'll save that picture for another day. Groan...And yes, we are expecting more snow tomorrow..

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